from a dream to reality...       

My name is Kris, I'm the owner of Finger Lakes Cannabis. 


I'm not the best with words, so I'll tell you how I got into this business.

A few years ago I got very sick. After a battery of tests and seeing a neurologist, their solution was to prescribe me pharmaceuticals. I researched the drugs that they gave me online and read horror story after horror story about them. I decided that I didn't want to take them.

I researched online almost every night looking for natural options to try. One night I was reading a forum and somebody mentioned trying CBD. I thought, yeah that would be nice to try, but it's illegal. A quick Google search showed me that I was wrong so I did a little more research. I found a company that I was comfortable with ordering from and placed my first order for the smallest size they had, as it was quite pricey.

I received the small bottle, and took 1 drop due to my anxiety and negative reactions to THC in the past. I wanted to just dip my toes in. That did nothing. The next day I took 2 drops, and still nothing. The next day I took 5 drops and wow. I was up and out of bed and outside playing with my family. It was absolutely amazing how well it worked. Eventually that bottle ran out and I was back in bed again. I ordered another larger bottle, but it took a few days to get here. Once I got the new bottle and took more, I was up and at it again. CBD has literally been life changing for me. 

This was amazing! I found something that works, and its natural!

Did I mention that I had lost my job a few months prior? Well I did.. and my saving were getting low, I was too sick to work unless I took this oil, but the oil was expensive. I had a decision to make. I spent all of my savings to start the business and I had no idea if it was going to ever get off the ground. It was a bold move and a LOT of work, but my family was very supportive and luckily everything has been going good ever since.